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Welcome to DieCast 1

The online shop for 1/43 die cast cars, models and hard-to-find collectibles!

Is your favorite car a Porsche? Ferrari? Alfa Romeo? Corvette? Jaguar? Or are you into cars from races like LeMans or Daytona? Search the DieCast 1 Catalog to find your dream model. And while you're searching, go ahead and create your own Wish List.

With thousands of die cast models in our Catalog - and new cars Just In - DieCast 1 is dedicated to bringing you the most unique, interesting and even wild die cast gems from around the world. Quantities on many items are limited, so point and click today.

Ever wondered how die cast model scale and real world dimensions are related? If so, our Scale Page gives you a quick tutorial, complete with a model scale calculator.

Want to know whatís new and improved on the site? Yada Yada Yada keeps you posted.

Canít find what youíre looking for? Diecast Detective helps us search for you!

Have any questions? Let us know!

Thanks for stopping by DieCast1.

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